Steps to help prevent punctures

Nobody wants a puncture with a child, handbag, pram bag, shopping and whatever else makes it into the pram! Trouble is we tend to load them up like shopping trollies anyway so heres some of the best ways to help prevent that nightmare.

1. Get some sealant or puncture resistant inner tubes treated with slime / gel - Its great stuff and actually designed for extreme off-road mountain bike use, so its well up to the job. This stuff seals punctures as they happen. Instantly! Its really that good.

2. Keep your tyres inflated to the correct PSI. Underinflated tyres will wear prematurely and the abrasion of the tyres against the inner tube can cause them to puncture. This is especially important on low profile tyres. So keep them pumped up to the correct pressure as stated on the wall of your tyre to minimise the risk.

3. Don't let your tyres wear out. A tyre that is thin and worn down has very little protection against the smallest sharp objects, and is just asking for trouble. Keep a check on them and replace if they are getting low.