I can't find my pram / model. Please contact us for help, have your numbers on the sidewall of your tyres at hand.

Will "this tyre" fit "this pram"? It will as long as the numbers on the tyre

Can I use a tyre that says it is for one particular brand pram on another brand pram? Yes, as before. The important thing is that the numbers on the wall of your tyre match up.

Can I return if I decide I don't want them? Yes no problem, see our returns page for easy returns.

Your tyres are very cheap compared to my official prams website, are your tyres any good? Yes, and in most cases better! We buy large quantities and pass on the discount to you, we like to think that the official prams website doesn't care too much about selling replacement tyres, or a t a realistic price anyway!

Can you ship to my country? When you add your item to the basket it will let you know if we do. We ship to most places in Europe that have a reliable postal service. We also ship to USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

How do I fit my tyres? See our fitting guide

How do I find out my size? See our sizing guide

If you have any further questions, please contact us!